Mr. Ileri currently deals with the raising of the first fund of Steps Venture Capital. He also serves as a Board Member at Merton, where he was formerly one of the two Managing Partners. Merton is a real estate development, construction & engineering company based in Moscow, Istanbul, Baku and Kazakhstan. Upon becoming a partner of Merton in 2008, Mr. Ileri and his crew transformed the company from a construction subcontractor in Russia into a regional property developer and a general contractor of upscale construction projects. Prior to joining Merton, he was a Senior Management Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton Istanbul, where he led the successful acquisition process of a leading chemicals producer of Turkey. He also held the European Procurement Manager position at Shell Oil & Gas and the Project Manager role at Ruukki Steel of Finland. Serkan has an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management with a specialization on Venture Capital & Private Equity. He also holds Ph.D., M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in civil engineering from Bogazici University of Istanbul.